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About Us

With five decades of dairy industry experience, the Enviroline NZ team specialise in quality installations of dairy effluent pond liners throughout New Zealand. 

Our focus is to provide our customers with high-quality liner systems which are able to stand the test of time, environment and exceed regulatory requirements; ultimately providing years of trouble-free containment.

We are independent suppliers and installers of HDPE geomembrane liners. This allows us to work with your contractors of choice - pond designers, earth movers, or pump contractors easily and without any conflict of interest.

If you are looking for quality workmanship, superior liners, and successful effluent containment at realistic prices, contact the team at Enviroline NZ to discuss how we can help you.

HDPE Liners

There are a variety of geomembranes available to line dairy effluent ponds, each with varying life expectancy, cost and performance. 

For the team at Enviroline NZ, the choice was easy – High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) as the superior performance and numerous benefits far outweigh other geomembranes.

Internationally and within New Zealand, HDPE is the most widely used geomembrane; used for lining: Landfills, wastewater treatment ponds, (including dairy factory and meat works waste treatment ponds), dairy effluent ponds, irrigation dams, canals and hazardous waste containment.

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Properties

  • Extensively used in New Zealand for over 30 years
  • Supported with manufacturers 20-year warranty
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Maintenance free
  • HDPE has high chemical resistance, including resistance to dairy fats and oils, and common dairy shed sanitising chemicals
  • Evaluated and approved for use with farm dairy effluent by the manufacturer
  • Unique welding process with  double seams provides greater containment security
  • Reliable fully tested welds
  • Independent papers predict the life expectancy of exposed HDPE liner is in excess of 36 years
  • Continuous testing during product manufacturing ensures quality assurance
  • The product can be traced back to a single polymer during manufacturing
  • Each roll is batch tested during manufacturing, with batch number recorded
  • Manufactured to international GRI-GM13 standards
  • Meets the requirements set out in IPENZ Practice Note 21

Ultimately HDPE liners provide the most secure containment possible. 

Quality installation and liner selection are essential for successful containment and adherence to dairy effluent standards.

A minor breach can have toxic effects and considerable financial costs, for this reason, you need to have 100% confidence in your pond lining specialists. 

At Enviroline NZ we achieve this through a blend of exceptional workmanship, sound technical expertise, the right tools to do the job, superior HDPE liners and thorough testing throughout liner installation.

  • We are proud to offer our clients an 8-year workmanship warranty, exceeding the minimum requirement of 5 years 
  • Double welded seams gives double prevention from effluent leakage 
  • Comprehensive pressure testing of seams throughout pond liner installation ensures successful containment of effluent
  • Technicians use proprietary wedge welding technology.
  • Technicians use tensiometer for peel shear and tensile testing of HPE welded products. Regular 
  • testing ensures product reliability and structural integrity of welded seams.
  • HDPE roll number recording ensures product traceability 
  • Onsite fabrication allows for greater design flexibility  
  • Upon completion of each pond liner installation, our clients receive a detailed quality assurance report