Monday, July 13, 2020
Quality Assurance

Quality installation and liner selection are essential for successful containment and adherence to dairy effluent standards.

A minor breach can have toxic effects and considerable financial costs, for this reason you need to have 100% confidence in your pond lining specialists. 

At Enviroline NZ we achieve this through a blend of exceptional workmanship, sound technical expertise, the right tools to do the job, superior HDPE liners and thorough testing throughout liner installation.

  • We are proud to offer our clients an 8 year workmanship warranty, exceeding the minimum requirement of 5 years 
  • Double welded seams gives double prevention from effluent leakage 
  • Comprehensive pressure testing of seams throughout pond liner installation ensures successful containment of effluent
  • Technicians use proprietary wedge welding technology.
  • Technicians use tensiometer for peel shear and tensile testing of HPE welded products. Regular
    testing ensures product reliability and structural integrity of welded seams.
  • HDPE roll number recording ensures product traceability 
  • Onsite fabrication allows for greater design flexibility  
  • Upon completion of each pond liner installation our clients receive a detailed quality assurance report

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What our clients say

“Getting the team at Enviroline NZ to line your effluent pond is a job made easy.The job was done on time, to a very high standard, offering excellent value for money”

Willie Telfar, Dairy Farmer, Kiokio

Pressure testing of the seam.


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